How To Join Pakistan Army

How To Join Pakistan Army

An honorable profession, which offers endless opportunities and a sense of fulfillment. Serving the nation in the Pakistan Army offers enduring educational prospects, professional development, progression in the career and character building. 

The Pakistan Army transforms young men and women into professionals with integrity and honor and instills in them a sense of duty, forging a special bond with the Motherland. It is an opportunity, like none other to experience the diverse cultures, languages, traditions and the rich history of Pakistan. Furthermore, serving in the Pakistan Army offers a unique chance to represent the country with pride at the international stage. 

Whether you decide to join the combat arms or other specialist fields such as medical, engineering or wide arrays of other expertise, you will be content knowing that as officers of the Pakistan Army you have the trust and respect of the entire nation.


No one is barred from joining the Pakistan Army regardless of race, creed, religion or region.


The detailed eligibilities are given as under:

  • Nationality: Male / Female citizens of Pakistan and domicile holders of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan. Dual nationality candidates must surrender their non-Pakistani nationality upon final selection. When a Pakistani candidate has dual citizenship, he or she will renounce their foreign nationality before joining the Army and give an undertaking to do so. Those who fail to renounce their foreign nationality or do not complete the procedure will not be granted commission. Additionally they will be liable to pay the training charges/bond money and will be released from the Army.
  • In addition, a candidate with a higher qualification may be eligible for consideration even if he has been rejected twice by the ISSB for a PMA or Graduate course, or an equivalent naval or PAF course.
  • The ISSB will not accept candidates with specific higher qualification who are rejected once for PMA/Graduate courses or equivalent naval or PAF courses, and once for specific higher qualification entry. You are eligible for a third chance if you achieve higher qualifications, such as a PhD or FRCS (this chance is only available to PhD or FRCS candidates).
  • The recommendation of Army, Navy & Air Force Selection Boards will remain valid for one year.
  • Candidates recommended by ISSB who appear before GHQ/ NHQ/ AHQ selection boards for final selection have one year to appear before the selection boards, however they have only two chances to do so.


  • All Candidates applying for commission will submit their degrees/education documents duly verified from concerned authority to PA Dte.
  • A duplicate/revised mark sheet/certificate must be verified by the Secretary/Controller Examination of the concerned Board/University.


  • A permanent UNFIT status determined by the Appeal Medical Board (AMB).
  • Withdrawn from any Academy Training Institution of Armed Forces on any ground.
  • Dismissed from any bonded Armed Forces college or institution.
  • Dismissed / removed / debarred from Govt Services including Armed Forces.
  • Convicted of an offense of moral turpitude in a court of law.
  • Due to Hepatitis B and C, he is medically unfit (AMB cannot be requested).
  • All Armed Forces Hospitals except those cleared by the AMB declared them unfit.
  • If a candidate is twice rejected by ISSB/GHQ/NHQ/AHQ Selection Board or once rejected by ISSB and once rejected by GHQ/NHQ/AHQ Selection Board, he is ineligible.


In order to register, receive a roll number, and learn the date and time of the written test, candidates must report to AS&RCS along with the required documents.


  • A candidate can register on the Pakistan Army website An email account is required to receive test dates and times.
  • The computerized roll no slip will provide candidates with the exact date and time of the preliminary test. Date once given will not be changed. Candidates will also be required to bring along necessary documents and will pay registration fee on the day of test.


  • The Academic / Intelligence test will be based on multiple choice questions. Registrants and test takers must be familiar with computers since registrations and tests will be conducted on them.


  • Original certificates / detailed mark sheets of each educational certificate/degree/diploma.
  • Government employees must provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their respective establishments.
  • Candidates less than 18 years of age need a Computerized Identity Card or Form “B” with the Guardian’s Computerized Identity Card.
  • The above documents should be photocopied and attested.
  • 3x Coloured Photos duly attested (front and back) by College Principal / Class-1 Gazetted Officer.
  • Original as well as one photocopy of NOT RECOMMENDED Letter by Inter Services Selection Board are also required for “Repeater” Candidates.
  • Attested photocopies of Domicile.
  • Crossed postal order of Rs. 100/- in favor of Director General Personnel Administration (DGPA), GHQ Rawalpindi.

Note: Old National ldentity Card and old Form B’ will NOT be accepted.


  • AS&RCs will conduct physical, medical, and preliminary interviews for candidates declared successful in written and intelligence tests. PN and PAF repeater candidates, however, will be required to undergo complete preliminary tests, whereas PMA long course repeaters will only undergo medical/physical tests.
  • TCC candidates who apply for PMA Long Course will only take physical and medical tests and interviews



Male – 5’.4″ (162.5 cm)

Female – 5′ (152.4 cm)

Vision Standard (Male/Female)

Distance vision with Glasses 6/9, 6/12.

Near vision J2, J7 or N8, N12 with or without glaşses.


As per the Body Mass Index (BMI)

Physical Test

At the time of preliminary selection, candidates must meet the following physical standards:

1.6 Km Run 8 Minutes 8 Minutes 9 Minutes
Push Ups 15 Repetitions in 2 Minutes 15 Repetitions in 2 Minutes 10 Repetitions in

2 Minutes

Crunches 20 Repetitions in 2 Minutes 15 Repetitions in 2 Minutes 10 Repetitions in 

2 Minutes

Pull Ups 

(Over Grip)

3 Repetitions in 

2 Minutes

3 Repetitions in 

2 Minutes

2 Repetitions in 

2 Minutes

Ditch Crossing 7’.4″x7’.4″

Depth 4′

Ditch Crossing 7’.4″x7’.4″

Depth 4′

Ditch Crossing 7’.4″x7’.4″

Depth 4′


Female candidates can complete 1.6 KM run in 14 minutes for LCC / ICTO / PSYCH / RV&F. Push-ups, pull-ups, crunches and ditch crossing are not required.


  • If the candidate qualifies for preliminary selection, he or she will be sent for further testing to the ISSB. Candidates recommended by the ISSB will undergo a medical examination at their nearest CMH. Candidate performance will determine the final selection at GHQ.


  • In case a candidate fails to report for ISSB on any ground, ISSB is not obliged to recall the candidate. For updates on ISSB call, please visit website


  • Preliminary Selection for PMA Long Course is not applicable to candidates residing abroad. As far as physical deformity and stammering are concerned, Defence Attaches will assess their general suitability. To obtain application forms, candidates should contact Pakistani Embassies (Military / Defence Attaches) in their respective countries. Applications must be submitted by January and July respectively to Pakistan Embassies with all required documents. Postal order of Rs. 100/- and a bank draft of Rs. 500/- in the name of Personnel Administration Directorate GHQ Rawalpindi will be attached with the application form. Postal address in Pakistan should also be indicated in the application form so that call up notice for ISSB Tests / Interview and further correspondence with eligible candidates can be made on the given Pakistani address. For travel to and from Pakistan, no traveling allowance will be paid.


During the training period, all housing, messing, and medical services are free of charge for the candidates.


  • An attractive salary package, complimentary medical care (for the family and parents), and the availability of servants.
  • You can go parachuting, riding, mountaineering, skiing, and doing water sports among other activities.
  • Employment on United Nations missions abroad. Courses abroad in various Foreign Countries.
  • Compatible service benefits / package.

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