Work of Different Branches of Pakistan Air Force

Work Of Different Branches Of Pakistan Air Force

General Duty Pilot (GDPs)

The Major reason for youth joining the AIRFORCE is to be enlisted in the GDP branch of the PAF. Consequently, here is the selection procedure and other stuff related to this field.

Quality is of cardinal importance for the PAF,…quality of equipment, quality of training, and above all the quality of its men. Because of this, the PAF chooses only the best type of young men for its modern aircraft. Those who are selected and successfully go through a very high standard of academic and professional training can look forward to a great and rewarding career.

To become a fighter pilot, a young man must possess intelligence, fine comprehension and assimilation skills, strong nerves, flying aptitude, prudent confidence, and relentless determination. For improving your intelligence test score you can take online tests on We impart a high standard of academic education. In general, most PAF students pass their B.S. in First Division from PAF Academy, Risalpur. Since the complexity of modern warfare can only be mastered by those who understand, interpret and utilize the present-day technological environment to our advantage, we enlarge the scope of training aids available to the pilot.

In the PAF, General Duties Pilots have demanding careers. It is impossible for everyone to meet its rigorous standards, and sometimes Aviation Cadets are withdrawn from flying because of air sickness or a lack of good flying aptitude. Earlier these suspended cadets were withdrawn from the academy and lost crucial time in adjusting to life in civilian life. These selected individuals may become valuable assets for other departments of the Air Force, for example Logistics, IT, Air Defence, Admin & Special Duties, Education, and Meteorology. Hence, even if one fails to become a Fighter Pilot, the revised training scheme offers a commission in the PAF. The PAF Academy, Risalpur now ensures that suspended trainees will get a B.Sc Degree and be able to get commissions in any of the above-mentioned branches. However, they may express their choice of ground branches in order of preference. The Air Headquarters will give due consideration to the preferences, indicated by suspended Aviation Cadets, in the allotment of ground branches.

Aeronautical Engineer (CAE)

A maintenance officer in the Pakistan Air Force is no longer a behind-the-scenes worker. He rides in tandem with his operational colleagues in the cockpit, sharing high responsibility with them. To maintain and promote the Air Force’s operational efficiency and effectiveness, he provides leadership to the team of his men. He is responsible for more than just maintaining operational aircraft and engineering systems. Research, development, and production are included in nearly every field of technical activity related to military air operations. He is highly skilled and trained to handle the challenges of the latest technology in addition to following manufacturers’ maintenance manuals copy-cat. He remains committed to keeping the PAF at the top of the list of combat-ready air forces. In this way, he always strives to ensure that the technicians under his command are fully trained and equal to the task of making the PAF an ‘efficient air force second to none’ as praised by Qaid-e-Azam.


At PAF Academy, Risalpur, the College of Aeronautical Engineering trains prospective and serving maintenance technical officers. The college offers a three-and-a-half-year degree program in engineering. Specializations are available in avionics and aerospace engineering. Five departments make up the college faculty.

  1. Aerospace engineering
  2. Avionics engineering
  3. Humanities and science
  4. Industrial engineering
  5. Military science

High-quality education is provided by the CAE. Postgraduate studies at U.S. universities are readily available for graduates of this college.

Air Defense (AD)

An Air Defence officer operates sophisticated radars, which act as a fighter pilot’s far-seeing eyes, giving him the edge to win aerial battles. This is a good and important career, but not as important as GD(P). Some Air Defence officers may even become AVMs after reaching the rank of Air CDR. However, they can’t reach the level of CAS or even VCAS without going through GD(P). In contrast to GDPs, AD officers do not directly engage in combat. Despite remaining on the ground, they only assist GDPs through radars and other equipment, but they do operate ground-to-air missiles. All branches are important, and they are interconnected. After four years of training at PAF Academy Risalpur, AD cadets graduate from Air University Islamabad with BS in Aviation Sciences and Management. While their training is also rigorous, it is not as rigorous as that of PMA long course cadets. Besides flying, AD cadets also undergo various forms of physical training.

Admin & Special Duty Officers (A&SD Branch)

The main contents of the courses offered include Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Human Resource Management, Financial management and Accounting, Hygiene & Sanitation, Organization & administration, Principles & rules governing Service writing and Staff Communication, Orientation of security system in Pakistan, Dining at Night procedures and practices, Pakistan Air Force law, General Service Training, Sports Management, Welfare activities, Accounting Concepts, Ceremonial and Protocol and Modern Management Skills.

In summary, A&SD officers are responsible for mess, security, and administration. At any PAF BASE, they can be in charge of any of these.

Logistics Officers

Even well-planned plans cannot be implemented without adequate logistics support. We need a well-organized logistics team to ensure smooth PAF operations. A keen, meticulous, and industrious person can contribute to the PAF’s supply and cost-oriented operation services by contributing their acquired knowledge.

Education Officers

A variety of challenges and ever-changing demands face officers. As part of the PAF, they must adjust to the accelerated pace of life and respond adaptively to a variety of tasks. These officers are groomed and trained by education officers to perform their roles efficiently and effectively. Joining the PAF as an education officer would satisfy your desire to impart knowledge and interact with the bubbling and exciting intellect of young men.

Meteorological Officers

The weather officers monitor the skies, analyze seasonal changes, and forecast the weather so that the PAF can fly efficiently and prepare for combat accurately.

Legal Officers

Legal officers provide expert advice and assistance to ensure the cohesive and disciplined functioning of the PAF. The litigation branch of the PAF can benefit greatly from your skill and expertise in interpreting the law and advising on legal matters.

Engineering Branch

In order to maintain and enhance Air Force operational efficiency, engineers selected for PAF play a pivotal role. To ensure all weapon systems operate efficiently and effectively, they lead a team of highly skilled technicians.

Account Branch

The Accounts Branch of PAF must manage its finances with the expertise of its hardworking and meticulous staff. For Pakistanis who have the aptitude to deal with figures and details, PAF offers the opportunity to contribute positively to the area of financial management.

IT Branch

In order to run day-to-day operations, management, logistics, and operational plans, accurate and rapid information processing is required. A career as an IT officer in the PAF can be rewarding and fulfilling for young men with a talent for computer-related work.

Several of you have asked me about the Logistics and Administration branches. And I can’t reply to everyone. So I posted the details of every field on PAF. Share it with your friends. Good Luck 🙂

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